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Highly resulted  formulation ‘Arka Banana Micronutrient mixture’ developed by ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticulture Research (ICAR-IIHR) Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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It has Zinc, Boron, Iron etc in a chemically active, water soluble combination. Specifically 
formulated for Banana to overcome nutrient disorders. Completely water soluble formulation. 
Effective in correcting nutrient deficiencies and hidden hunger. Prevents diseases and enhances 
bunch weight.
  • Prepared Based On Symptoms, Leaf & Soil Analysis.
  • Increased Disease Resistance
  • Yield Increase Up To 10%
  • Additional Return Up To 24%
The product has Zn, B & Fe in a chemically active, water soluble combination. The nutrients that are
 incorporated and the ratio have been identified by intensive research in identifying predominant 
nutrient disorders in all cultivars of Banana growing regions of Southern India considering the 
common limiting micronutrients by visual diagnosis, confirmed by soil and leaf analysis. 
The chemicals are water soluble and toxicity is avoided. Hence any farmer with less skill can also 
use it whereas the existing market formulation result in toxicity if handled improperly. This 
formulation can be used in semi arid, sub humid and humid regions and common stickers like Rs. 2/-  
shampoo sachets in the village shops can be used.

Common lemon/lime fruit juice increases the efficiency of uptake. Effective for garden land banana 
exp. with poor root health for all varieties including Neypoovan, D. Cavendish, Robusta, Grand nain 
(both tissue culture and suckers). Sprayed at 5/g litre, 5th, 6th, 7th and one month after bunch
emergence (drenching once at 0.5% after sucker planting is very effective). Can be mixed with plant
protection chemicals. Basic principle: India has approximately 2.2 lakh banana holdings and leaf 
analysis based nutrient correction involves 2 lakh samples per year analysis which is impossible. 
A composite formulation for correcting predominant disorders has proved effective. Technology being 
used and from 2002. In great demand promoted by KVK’s of Zone VIII. Efficient in correcting both 
visible deficiencies and hidden hunger of Zn, B & Fe.

Technology Developed By:

Dr. M. Edward Raja, Principal Scientist & Head, Division of Soil Science & Agricultural Chemistry,
ICAR- Indian Institute of Horticulture Research, Bengaluru, Karnataka.

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