Black raisins are a popular variety of dried grapes. The scientific name of the grapevine is Vitis vinifera and it is native to the Mediterranean region, central Europe, and southwestern Asia. It is because of this natural sweetness that they are used in a wide variety of baked goods like cookies, cakes, and pies. Black raisins also have been used in many traditional medicinal applications like treating cough and inflammation in the respiratory tract.


Black Raisin | kaalee kishamish | काली किशमिश | കറുത്ത ഉണക്കമുന്തിരി | கருப்பு திராட்சையும்



Black raisins are used as is or in many deserts, pulavs, kormas, pudding, and cakes. It is a healthy snack as it 
is rich in antioxidants and iron and low on calories. It has numerous health benefits such as reducing hair loss,
eliminating impurities from the blood, reducing high blood pressure, and keeping anemia at bay. Water boiled 
with black raisins is also used to give relief from constipation for infants and children.

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