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Kasoori methi enhances the aroma and flavor of all the dishes that it’s added to. It’s also known to have several health benefits because of the phytonutrients present in fenugreek. The aromatic nature of the dried fenugreek leaves enhances the fragrance of the dish being prepared. Spiisry offers the best quality Kasuri methi for your recipe.

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Kasoori methi refers to sun-dried fenugreek leaves used in Indian cuisine across many states like Kashmir, Punjab,
Gujarat, and Maharashtra. It’s used in curries and lentil preparations as well as in bread. The herb is used to 
add a savory as well as a slightly bitter note to dishes.
The use of dried fenugreek leaves began in Pakistan, in the Kasoor region. So, the name of the dried version of the
leaves, Kasoori methi, literally translates to “fenugreek of/from Kasoor.”
Fresh fenugreek is known simply as methi or sag methi in Pakistan and the northern parts of India. It’s also used 
in cooking and is a particularly popular ingredient in dishes that use root vegetables.
A popular North Indian dish is “aloo methi,” which is made with potato and fresh fenugreek.
Fresh fenugreek and fenugreek seeds are frequently used in cuisines across the Indian subcontinent, even in the 
central or southern regions where Kasoori methi may not be used frequently or at all.
The seeds are used in several ways across dishes of the Indian subcontinent. 
Fenugreek is used in other cuisines. The plant is endemic to the Mediterranean and southern European regions, in 
addition to South Asia. Turkish, Iranian, Egyptian, and Ethiopian cuisines all use fresh fenugreek leaves and seeds
in their dishes. When it comes to flavor, Kasoori methi adds a mild spiciness and a deeply savory note to food, 
undercut with a slight bitterness. As most dishes that the herb is used in are tomato-based, the bitterness adds a 
complexity that cuts through the sweetness of the tomatoes.
A great way to make the Kasoori methi more aromatic and increase its savoriness is to roast the dried leaves and 
crush them to release the aroma. This process of roasting and crushing should be done just before the Kasoori methi 
needs to be added to the dish.
Kasoori methi is frequently used to add flavor and as a garnish in many North Indian dishes. The herb is used for 
both meat and vegetable dishes, particularly root vegetables and lentils. Kasoori methi is also an important 
ingredient in many recipes of curry powder.
Apart from their culinary uses, fenugreek, in all its forms, is known for its health benefits and is used in many 
The savory notes of kasoori methi make the dishes more flavorful and appetizing, while the bitterness adds complexity 
and cuts through the sweetness of the other ingredients and spices in dishes.
Kasoori methi has phytonutrients like folic acid, niacin, as well as Vitamins A, B6, C, and K. The leaves also 
contain minerals like copper, calcium, iron, and zinc manganese, iron, and potassium.

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