This is an innovative research formulation of (ICAR) Indian Council of Agricultural Research – (CTCRI) Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Trivandrum. A novel and innovative liquid formulation, it contains all the vital micronutrients required for excellent growth of the Yam and for getting maximum yield. It corrects the symptoms caused by micronutrient deficiency and increases uniform vegetative growth thereby enhancing the size and quality of the produce. It also helps in resistance to diseases, stress, and drought.

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Dosage: Dilute 5 ml liquid formulation for 1 Ltr of water, 1000 ml liquid for 200 Ltrs of water which is enough for 1 acre cultivation.

spray on leaves and shoot of the plant during early or evening hours of the day.

Spray during the 2nd, 3rd and 4th month after planting. For best results, do not mix with pesticides and fungicides.


Corrects the symptoms caused by micronutrient deficiency.

Increases vegetative growth & size and quality of Tapioca and

helps to attain maximum yield. Improves resistance to diseases, stress and drought.

Packing: 500ml & 1000 ml

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1000ml, 500ml


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