Ajwain is an Indian spice commonly used as a remedy for gastrointestinal problems like indigestion, flatulence and colic pain. Ajwain seeds possess carminative, antimicrobial and liver protective properties. It is also known to have blood pressure lowering and bronchodilatory (substance that increases airflow to the lungs) properties. Ajwain water is an effective home remedy for indigestion and acidity.


Ajwain | Ajavaayan | अजवायन | കാശിത്തുമ്പ | வறட்சியான தைம் விதை

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Ajwain seeds (Trachyspermum ammi) also known in other names such as in Hindi : Ajwain Bengali :
Jowan or Joan Gujarati : Yavan Kannada : Oma Kashmiri : Jawind Malayalam : Omum Marathi : Onva
Oriya : Juani Punjabi : Ajamoda, Avanika Sanskrit : Ajamoda, Avanika Tamil : Omum Telugu : 
Vamu Urdu : Ajowain

It is traditionally used as a digestive aid, relieves abdominal discomfort due to indigestion 
and antiseptic. In southern parts of India dry ajwain seeds are powdered and soaked in milk, 
which is then filtered and fed to babies. Many assume that it relieves colic in babies and for
kids it also improves digestion and appetite. Ajwain can be used as digestive mixture in large
animals. In the northern part of India, Ajwain is often consumed after a heavy meal. It is
commonly offered after dinner parties.

Ajowan smells and tastes a lot like very strong thyme, though slightly more peppery and with a
lightly bitter aftertaste. Dry roasting ajowan or frying it in oil mellows the flavour and 
brings out a caraway taste. It is used in breads, savoury pastries and bean dishes throughout 
southern Asia. It’s also excellent with fish (along with lemon and garlic).

A natural antiseptic, ajowan is widely believed to act as a digestive aid.

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