The liquid formulation of Entomopathogenic fungus isolate – Beauveria bassiana is a unique technology which is effective against insect pests in agricultural crops. The liquid formulation is also better than solid formulation (Talcum formulation) with a shelf life of two years.

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  • Beauveria is a biopesticide containing the white muscardine fungus. Beauveria is widely used for control of 
    crop such as pests thirips, White flies, aphids, Caterpillars, Weevils, Grasshoppers, Ants, Colorado Potato
    beetle etc
  • Penetrates the cuticle and colonizes inside the target pest. Not Compatible with several chemical insecticides.
  • Flied Crops- Cotton, Paddy, Sorghum, Sunflower, Groundnut, Potato etc. Fruit Crops- Grapes, Guava,Sapota, 
    Citrus, Mango, Pomegranate, Custard Apple Vegetable crops- Tomato, Chilly, Brinjal, Lady's Finger etc.
  • Dosage: Foliar Spray - Beaveria 5ml - 1 litre of water or 20gm in 1 litre of water for pouring pests in soil.
Read more: Biocontrol potential of native isolates of Beauveria bassiana against cotton leafworm Spodoptera litura 
(Fabricius) | Scientific Reports (

Among invertebrate fungal pathogens, Beauveria bassiana has assumed a key role in management of numerous 
arthropod agricultural, veterinary and forestry pests. Beauveria is typically deployed in one or more inundative
applications of large numbers of aerial conidia in dry or liquid formulations, in a chemical paradigm. Mass
production is mainly practiced by solid-state fermentation to yield hydrophobic aerial conidia, which remain the
principal active ingredient of mycoinsecticides. More robust and cost-effective fermentation and formulation 
downstream platforms are imperative for its overall commercialization by industry. Hence, where economics allow, 
submerged liquid fermentation provides alternative method to produce effective and stable propagules that can be
easily formulated as dry stable preparations. Formulation also continues to be a bottleneck in the development 
of stable and effective commercial Beauveria-mycoinsecticides in many countries, although good commercial 
formulations do exist. Future research on improving fermentation and formulation technologies coupled with the 
selection of multi-stress tolerant and virulent strains is needed to catalyze the widespread acceptance and 
usefulness of this fungus as a cost-effective mycoinsecticide. The role of Beauveria as one tool among many in 
integrated pest management, rather than a stand-alone management approach, needs to be better developed across 
the range of crop systems. Here, we provide an overview of mass-production and formulation strategies, updated 
list of registered commercial products, major biocontrol programs and ecological aspects affecting the use of 
Beauveria as a mycoinsecticide.

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