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Start your day with healthy exploration into black tea by mastering the perfectly brewed cup for happiness. Try our exclusive premium black tea grown and processed in organic way and sourced directly from farmer. The product is made under Subhash Palekkar’s zero budgeted farming model.

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Black teas are fully oxidized after the leaves are picked. After the harvest, leaves 
destined for black tea are withered by having air blown over and around them. The 
leaves are rolled or cut. This process used to be done completely by hand, but 
modern machinery has taken over much of this process due to high global demands. 
The next step is oxidation, which is sometimes erroneously referred to as 
“fermenting,” though no fermentation is taking place. As the leaves oxidize, enzymes 
are released that change the color and flavor of the leaves.

Black teas take on a reddish to brownish hue when brewed. They are characterized by 
a range of flavors, including roasted, tannic, smooth, or biting.

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