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Let’s start our healthy exploration into green tea by mastering the perfectly brewed cup every day. Try our exclusive premium green tea grown and processed in organic way and sourced directly from farmer. The product is made under Subhash Palekkar’s zero budgeted farming model.

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About ten years ago, Western research figured out that green tea was a nutritional 
powerhouse. After all, in Asian countries where green tea is consumed throughout the 
day, cancer rates tend to be much lower, although there are probably other factors 
contributing to that fact, like less processed food and red meat in the standard 
Asian diet.

Turns out that green tea is one of the best sources of polyphenols, or plant-based 
antioxidants, which have disease-fighting properties and can halt the degenerative 
process in cells.
In addition, studies show that drinking green tea (and to a lesser extent, oolong 
and black tea) regularly not only correlates to reduced risks of certain kinds of 
cancer, it can help mitigate high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, IBS, and 
many other ailments. Some researchers think it might also be useful for staving off 
wrinkles and helping with weight loss.
Brewed green tea leaves produce a light green to golden drink. The taste of green
tea can vary immensely, from roasted, sweet, vegetal, or grassy to almost oceanic
in flavor.

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