Dried butterfly pea flower infused with premium green tea leaves gives you healthy taste and aroma for your tea.

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This lovely new product is widely used in Southeast Asia to brew tea for centuries. Its main notable quality is 
its bright blue colour, and due to this it has been used as a dye for just as long. In Thailand and Vietnam 
Butterfly Pea Flower is mixed with honey and lemon for an after-dinner drink to aid digestion, and there is a 
cold version also enjoyed where the tea is mixed with honey, mint, cinnamon, passion fruit and ginger. The 
flavour of the tea itself is earthy and woody, similar to a fine green tea. Interestingly the colour of the tea
changes when lemon juice is added, from blue to purple. And the tea will turn bright red if hibiscus leaves are 
added. Another use related to colour is in cocktails, where a butterly pea                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          flower-infused ice cube can be added to a drink, making it turn blue as the ice cube melts.

In Malaysia butterfly pea flower is used to give the celebratory rice dish nasi kerabu its vivid blue colour.

We recommend using this product as a food supplement or in drink infusions only.

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