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Ginger Micronutrient Formulation is a  patented research technology developed by ICAR-Indian Institute of  Spices Research (ICAR-IISR) Kozhikode, Kerala.

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To overcome the micronutrient deficiencies and meet the physiological and metabolic requirements of 
the spice crops, the ICAR-Indian Institute of Spices Research developed crop specific designer 
micronutrient foliar formulations for the major spices (Black Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric, Cardamom). It
also successfully field-tested and commercialized the crop-specific micronutrient formulations for 
the major spices. The Institute’s Ginger and Turmeric Formulations have already received the Patents.
  • These are the micronutrient compositions for supplying essential nutrients and promoting 
    growth in spices. 40-55% of soils are moderately deficient in micronutrients like Zinc, 
    while 25-30% is deficient in Boron. Deficiency of other micronutrients occurs in 15% of soils.
    The novelty of this technology augments the uptake of essential nutrient by the plants
  • IISR have developed crop/soil specific i.e. ginger and turmeric (for soils with pH below and 
    above 7), black pepper and cardamom micro nutrient mixtures for foliar application.
  • Guarantees 15-25% increase in yield and quality.
  • Improves health, quality and yield of the crops.
  • Water soluble and compatible with simple or complex standard fertilizers.
  • Easy transportation and long shelf life up to two years.
  • Environment friendly.
  • Advanced package of practices for commercial utility.
Technology Developed By:
Dr. V. Srinivasan, Dr. R. Dinesh and Dr. S. Hamza. ICAR- Indian Institute of Spices Research 
(ICAR-IISR), Kozhikode, Kerala.

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