The patented technology bio-decomposer of ICAR- Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI), New Delhi called ‘PUSA Decomposers’ for converting crop stubble into compost.

  • Pusa Decomposer capsules contains fungal culture which is used for all types of Crops waste, Kitchen waste, Garden waste & Cow waste
  • The packet of 4 capsule is sufficient for preparing compost from 1 MT farm waste

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  • The decomposers are in the form of capsules made by extracting fungi strains that help the paddy straw to 
    decompose at a much faster rate than usual.
    • The fungi help to produce the essential enzymes for the degradation process.
  • Benefits:
    • The decomposer improves the fertility and productivity of the soil as the stubble works as manure and 
      compost for the crops and lesser fertilizer consumption is required in the future.
    • It is an efficient and effective, cheaper, doable and practical technique to stop stubble burning.
    • It is an eco-friendly and environmentally useful technology and will contribute to achieve Swachh Bharat
    • It hastens the rate of decomposition of various Agriculture waste
    • Pusa decomposer helps to prepare compost in pits, heaps and windrows as well as in the field for 
      degradation of agriculture residue.
  • How to use:
  • The process of forming the solution would take a total of 12 days. Firstly, 150 gm of jaggery has to be 
    mixed in five litres of water and boiled, once the solution cools, 50 gm of gram flour has to be added it.
  • The capsules are then mixed into the solution and kept in a container with a broad surface area, and allowed
     to grow for four days. A thick mat of fungal mycelia and spores will grow, after the first four days, 
    another five litres of water and 150 gm of jaggery are boiled, cooled and added to the first solution and 
    left for two days. This step is repeated another three times every two days, increasing the quantity of the
    solution to 25 litres.
This 25-litre-solution is then added to 475 litres of water. The total 500 litres are sufficient only for one
hectare and is sprayed on the paddy straw/ agricultural waste after the harvest has been completed. The 
spray could either be left on the straw or mixed with the soil using a rotavator, a machine used to prepare 
the seed bed on farms. The fields can also be irrigated if the moisture is not sufficient. After this, the 
surface is left for 25 days. In 25 days, the stubble/ waste will be completely decomposed by fungal action.
It will become very soft and then farmer can plough the field and it will be ready for sowing wheat or any
other crop.
To read more about PUSA decomposer Please visit: 
Pollution: Can a fungus capsule stop stubble burning in North India? – (scroll.in)

Pusa Decomposer A Solution for Stubble Burning-Sanskriti IAS

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