Spiisry participated in VAIGA 2023

Spiisry participated in VAIGA 2023

1 year ago

Value Addition for Income Generation in Agriculture (VAIGA) is the sole and most prestigious venture from the Agriculture Department under the Government of Kerala since 2016. VAIGA extends its focus upon current and emerging national and international drifts in technological advancements related to profitable agricultural developments. This includes product diversification, processing, value addition, and marketing. The venture also offers immense opportunities in building a bridge between local-national agencies, entrepreneurs, and experts in Agri-value addition & processing. The marvelous exhibition conducted as a part of the EXPO offers an excellent opportunity for the participants and the business-to-business meet conducted as part of the event offers an interface between national/international agencies and entrepreneurs in the Agri-value chain.

The exhibition segment on VAIGA 2023 focus on showcasing value addition in the field of agriculture. Spiisry exhibited various value-added products and institute technologies at the event. The stall got prize for the excellent interaction made in the programme.

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