• Bamboo rice is actually the seed that is produced by a flowering bamboo at the end of its life span. Higher protein content than both rice and wheat. Lowers cholesterol levels & has anti-diabetic properties.

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  • Common Names - Bamboo rice, Bamboo Chawal, Bamboo Arisi, Mulayari, Moongil Rice
  • How To Cook Bamboo Rice - Nice, nutty, and chewy, this gorgeous rice is very similar to unpolished rice and 
    can be cooked and consumed just like our regular ones. Simply soak for 30 minutes and pressure cook them for
    about five to six whistles and the rice is all set! If there is any water left, do not throw it, and use this
    nutrition-dense stock in other ways.
  • Diabetic Rice - it is high in protein content than both rice and wheat. It is beneficial in joint pain, back
    pain and rheumatic pain as well. For those suffering from cholesterol issues, regular consumption of bamboo
    rice helps lower cholesterol levels. Also, it has anti-diabetic properties.
  • Ideal For Weight Watchers - a small bowl of bamboo rice has a lot more protein than regular rice which makes
    it ideal for weight watchers as well as for people who are looking for an enhanced protein intake without 
    adding too many calories in their diet.
  • Prevents Cough Formation Being rich in phosphorus content as compared to other grains is another reason that
    bamboo rice has those extra points and health benefits acknowledged for ages.
  • Improves Cognitive Health, Fights Tooth Decay and Combats Diabetes

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