Bitter cumin is native to Central Asia and Northern India. It is a traditional and popular spice in Indian culture, especially in Moghul and Kashmiri gastronomy.


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Kali Jeeri, Bitter Cumin, Kadwa Jeera, Black Cumin/ Kalijiri is used as an ingredient in Ayurvedic creams and 
oils used for managing skin infections due to its antibacterial properties.
Kali jeeri helps in diabetes management and the overall effect it has on good health are one of the 
primary reasons why it is so popularly used in the country. Kaali Jeeri is the dried seed. This variety of the 
jeera has a distinct and recognizable aroma along with a woody flavor. it also helps in the process of digestion & Immunity
Of course, bitter cumin tastes bitter and maybe a little too bitter for some people. It has an oblong shape with
a pale green to dark green color.

You can use bitter cumin for some medical purposes and health boosting. It can join a hand in treating coughs, 
digestive problems (stomachache, diarrhea), relieving cramps and bloating, etc. Other amazing health benefits are
controlling the heartbeat and stimulating appetite.

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